What’s your favourite coffee?

You name it, we can do it! From decaffeinated and organic coffee to chai latte, tea, hot chocolate, reduced fat or soy milk and even your favourite syrup. We will make it to your liking.
Espresso or Short black
For the true coffee lover - a 30ml shot of rich, full bodied dark coffee with a silky layer of crema.

The anytime favourite - a standard espresso with hot milk topped by a small layer of silky milk foam.

Always a crowd pleaser - a standard espresso with silky foamed milk poured into it, topped with a dusting of chocolate powder..

Flat white
Great in the afternoon - a standard espresso with hot milk, no foam.

A classic for all - a standard espresso with just a dash of milk.

Coffee and chocolate....nothing is better - a standard espresso, hot chocolate and hot milk.

A list of the finest biscuits, pastries, ice cold drinks and slushies are also available.